Skyrim Mod Pages and Repos

I’ve added some pages for some mods I’ve made to keep things organized. They should be listed on the navigation bar to the right. I’ve also added the mods and their source files to GitHub and posted links to the repos on the mod pages.

The decision to version mods on GitHub did not occur to me until I started getting deep into Bathing in Skyrim 1.03. There was a bug reported where users were unable to use soap in the inventory until they dropped it on the ground and picked it back up. I looked into this and found there is an issue where scripts attached to stackable inventory items can lose their associations:

To fix this bug, I had to invert the detection of soap-use which required a pretty heavy re-write of the scripts. As I was testing I accidentally overwrote older versions of scripts several times which made it clear pretty quick that I needed some sort of version control to prevent setbacks like that.

All of the script source code is included on GitHub and in the installable .zip files for anyone to use.