Papyrus for 4coder

Oh, hey. It's been a while, but I'm catching the Skyrim bug again. Over the last few months I've been gradually shifting my development over to 4coder (from Sublimetext and VS Code, which are actually both pretty great) so I created Papyrus syntax highlighting and a build script. I'm sharing … Continue reading

Super Simple Updates

Some users made a suggestion that instead of awarding penalties for getting hungry and tired, I should instead award benefits for staying full and rested. I think that actually fits in better with the vanilla sleep system, so I've decided to add it to my mods. I am including flags to turn this … Continue reading

Super Simple Lock Bash

Super Simple Lock Bash is out. You can get it on Nexus or for PC and XB1. You can find links to it here. I created this a long time ago for the original Skyrim to use with my barbarian character and it was the first mod I started porting over to SSE. Unfortunately, I found that I … Continue reading

Super Simple Needs

Super Simple Needs is available now on Nexus and for PC and XB1. The space for basic needs mods is actually pretty crowded. There are some truly great basic needs out there, like iNeed, Realistic Needs and Diseases, Imps' More Complex Needs, etc. Chesko is even making his own to go … Continue reading

Super Simple Bathing

My first real Skyrim Special Edition mod is now released. I created a stripped down version of Bathing in Skyrim. I left out water detection to prevent conflicts with water mods. Once SKSE64 is released I will investigate recreating my water patcher to reintegrate the need to be standing in … Continue reading