Skyrim Special Edition

I’m super hyped about getting Skyrim Special Edition, so I wanted to make a post about it!

My ambition is to port Bathing in Skyrim 2, Poser Hotkeys, and some of my unreleased mods to the new Special Edition for everyone to use. If possible, I would love to make versions for consoles as well.

I’d like to release mods on both Skyrim Nexus and

Since it is likely that I’ll need to strip out some functionality to get these working on consoles, I will probably release two separate versions with two different feature sets.

Unfortunately, I have to wait until next week for the new Creation Kit. Today I started to look at my scripts to identify SKSE dependencies which need to be addressed. There are more than I thought there would be…

I expect to port some of my unreleased mods ahead of Bathing in Skyrim since they are much smaller in scope with less complex dependencies. This will also give me a chance to catch any new gotchas with the new system.

Here’s to another 1800 hours of Skyrim!