Super Simple Bathing

My first real Skyrim Special Edition mod is now released. I created a stripped down version of Bathing in Skyrim. I left out water detection to prevent conflicts with water mods. Once SKSE64 is released I will investigate recreating my water patcher to reintegrate the need to be standing in water.

Super Simple Bathing is released on Nexus and for both PC and XB1. I don’t currently have an XB1 to test, so its kind of a risk. I guess I’ll learn a lesson from this pretty quickly, good or bad.

You can find download links and more information on its page here.

Next I plan to release a basic needs mods very similar to Super Simple Bathing called (creatively) Super Simple Needs that will handle hunger and tiredness. I have it complete and tested, but creating all these screenshots, titles, descriptions, etc. for the mod pages takes a lot of time.