Super Simple Updates

Some users made a suggestion that instead of awarding penalties for getting hungry and tired, I should instead award benefits for staying full and rested. I think that actually fits in better with the vanilla sleep system, so I’ve decided to add it to my mods. I am including flags to turn this feature on and off, so once (if?) JsonUtil becomes available in the future, users will be able to easily toggle benefits, penalties and animations however they like.

Super Simple Needs will include a Well Fed bonus that adds 50 to Health for 4 hours after eating. Since you stay full for approximately half as long as you stay rested, the bonus lasts half as long as the vanilla Well Rested Bonus. The Rested/Well Rested/Lover’s Comfort benefits are entirely untouched.

Super Simple Bathing will include a Clean bonus that adds 5 to Speechcraft for 16 hours after bathing. Since you stay clean for approximately twice as long as you stay rested, the bonus lasts twice as long as the vanilla Well Rested bonus.  Some users also complained that Troll Fat was too hard to get at lower levels, so I’m including an added recipe that uses potatoes instead. I’ve been told potato soap is a thing, but I’m not a soap expert. If you don’t like it don’t craft it, or remove the recipe with xEdit.

I am in the process of committing these changes to GitHub. After I play with them for a few days I will start the tedious process of updating Nexus and