Super Simple Bathing

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Super Simple Bathing adds very simple cleanliness to Skyrim.
This mod was designed to be as simple as possible and to fit into the vanilla Skyrim experience.

  • When you are Clean, Speechcraft is increased by 5 for 16 hours
  • Once 40 hours have passed, you will start seeing a message warning you that you are getting filthy.
  • Warning messages will re-appear every hour until you bathe or you become filthy.
  • Once 48 hours have passed without bathing, your character will become filthy.

When filthy, prices are 25% worse and your Health recovers 50% slower.

To clean yourself, you must use a bar of soap.
There is currently no requirement that you must be standing in water.
When you bathe, if you are not in combat and your weapon is not drawn, an animation will play.

You start with 5 bars of soap.
Soap is added to vendor stocks randomly and dynamically, so you may see it show up in general stores or on some NPCs.

You can craft bars of soap at a Cooking Pot.

  • 1 Troll Fat + 1 Coal = 10 bars of Soap
  • 1 Troll Fat + 1 Charcoal = 5 bars of Soap
  • 3 Potatoes + 1 Charcoal = 2 bars of Soap