I found a request from a PS4 user on /r/skyrimmods to make quivers invisible, so I made a mod called Invisible Quivers to test out the release process on Bethesda's new platform: You can find the mod … Continue reading


Now that I have access to the new CreationKit, I've rewritten and compiled several scripts to work with Skyrim Special Edition. Something that has always irked me is that the Papyrus compiler adds your Windows account name and PC name strings to compiled pex files. You can view these strings in … Continue reading

Skyrim Special Edition

I'm super hyped about getting Skyrim Special Edition, so I wanted to make a post about it! My ambition is to port Bathing in Skyrim 2, Poser Hotkeys, and some of my unreleased mods to the new Special Edition for everyone to use. If possible, I would love to make versions for consoles as … Continue reading

Skyrim Animations – Poser Hotkeys

Over the winter holiday I ran into a problem that resulted in the creation of a new mod and a new tool for Skyrim. The mod is called Poser Hotkeys and the tool that generates the data for the mod is PoserDataGen. Recently, I've been spending most of my time in Skyrim setting up cool scenes for … Continue reading

SKSE Water Detection

Bathing in Skyrim 1.10 is out and I wrote a new way to handle water detection that I thought I'd share. For some background - something that has been a problem with many of the basic-needs mods for Skyrim is that the CreationKit does not expose a reliable way to detect if an Actor is standing … Continue reading